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I built a custom visual touch controller for Resolume

My first test of the new touch screen controller concept I've been toying with in my head. Will go into more detail in the future if anyone is interested. Its a constant experiment for me at the moment.

My Basic setup consists of

Laptop - MSI GE 60 w/ solid state Hard Drive

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Resolume Arena 4.x.x

Air Display (App)

Enttec DMX Pro

D-Pro Software

Motu Micro lite Midi Interface

Denon DN-X1600 DJ Mixer (Midi Surface)

Behringer BCF2000 Midi Controller

* By full HD im talking 1080p 25fps (plus I convert ALL videos to Resolumes DXV .mov format So far so good.

I've had Air display drop out once but that was due to the router disconnecting as its upstairs. So the signal is going from the tablet upstairs and back down to the laptop. which probably would also cause a bit of a delay. Also the lag is only for the gfx to update on the tablet. its fine as a button system and way faster than leaning over and using a mouse mid show.

Also resolume will work with the whole program on the tablet however the buttons are to small to be of any use unless you run really low res.

So the only way i can get it to have the video thumbnails on the tablet only, is to kinda squish and shove resolume around a bit, and shut down some of its menus. but once this is done, and the Air display screen arrangement is set, its way easier to set up again in a venue.

Providing I don't have to program any extra lighting, I can have the system installed within half an hour no stress.

MUSIC: P.C.D - Trumps.


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