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Black Sun Empire - Projection Mapped Stage

As part of my residency at Coniston Lane in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley I was contracted by Shucka Tours to build a projection mapped stage for UK's Black Sun Empire (BSE). Consisting of Matte white painted boxes and a projector screen, the entire stage was built in 4 hours including all the mapping and 6k lumen projector installation. Plus an additional 7 days of prep work which involved painting the cardboard and designing 3D animated elements for use in the show.

I already had all the measurements of the stage from previous shows, so for this one I built a scale model on the kitchen bench using white cardboard and a small projector to test the elements as I designed them.

I designed a fair few custom elements including an animated BSE logo, animated forest scenes based on BSE artwork and shot some smoke effects using a flower vase, water and Dettol on a crude green screen (More painted cardboard).

I used cardboard boxes taped together with white gaff tape for the full size items on stage. Cheap and easy to setup, painted with Matte Ceiling white which worked well as a projection screen.

Curtain black out backing material was also used on the stage as the price is low and its versatile as projection screens.

Overall the sold out show went down well and after an exhausting evening operating visuals and lighting it was time to attempt to sleep before setting up the next show. (I don't miss this BTW)...

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